Our mission is to Unify, Reclaim, and Empower the transgender communities of Baltimore City.


We must come together in unity

...if we want to heal each other collectively. We must work to bridge the divides of ability, race, class, language, & identity such that we move into the future with comprehensive solidarity. Our diversity makes us powerful.


We must reclaim our stories

...& overwhelm the mainstream with accounts of trans experience, beauty, & power. --writing, speaking, & shouting our own stories we can portray ourselves with the complexity we deserve as fully realized human beings. We must teach others to see, not just to see our gender, but also our humanity.


We must empower ourselves.

We can build support networks & family for ourselves that allow for self maintaining community. We can help each other --we can help ourselves! We house, educate, & support one another as we give power to the new generation. Our movement is getting younger & more radical & still we are interfacing with power brokers in our city. We are becoming those power brokers. Our conscience in sharing that power with each other is lethal to the forces that make our lives more difficult.

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